Soulantis is a conjoint of Soul – the source of life and Atlantis – the most advanced but lost continent. Soulantis is aimed at creating an evolved version of humans that are – smarter, more efficient, more harmonious and ultimately – happier.

We stand for transforming the world as we know it into a happier place for everybody!

Soul – the fundamental of life is deprived of happiness due to unnecessary complexities of life. And the worst part is, we have created it ourselves! Atlantis – the highly advanced continent but lost.

We use technological advancements as we see it, to enhance human lives by removing redundant and unnecessary tasks which directly creates happiness. Yes, Soulantis is powered by Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and other such ever evolving disruptive technologies.

The sole aim of Soulantis is to make you satisfied and happy. It’s a genie that makes dreams come true. But wait! Not just any wishes – wishes that follow the three laws.

  1. Law of Energy – Optimal usage of energy (energy helps us survive)
  2. Law of Nature – Respecting Nature (nature provides sustenance)
  3. Law of Mankind – Compassion for others (we thrive because of each other)

So, if you have a wish that can be made true by optimal energy consumption, does not cause natural damage and is not detrimental to mankind - Soulantis will make it come true. For instance, you wish to commute to your office from your home and you book a cab. This simple process of transportation causes a lot of your personal information to get out on the Internet. One of that information is your phone number. Why should the cab service provider or the driver have access to your phone number which is often misused later?

Soulantis uses this simple problem to craft an ingenious solution. How, you ask? Simple! Soulantis keeps your information private by NOT displaying your phone number to anyone at all! User's simply click on your name and the call is connected. Ask Soulantis to connect to a new person and they will be added to your contact list!

How, will the driver of that cab contact you? Simple! The driver will call the current rider! From a cab service company's perspective you are a rider and that's about it. Soulantis solves even the complex problems in a very simple way. Afterall, the complexities are just in our heads, aren't they?